The KETO COFFEE TODAY STARTER PACK contains 5 packets of 15.7 grams serving size of Keto Coffee Today. Pre-packed each serving size so you get the exact measure to get maximum benefit of its Ketosis effect.

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  • 5 packets of Keto Coffee Today
  • Serving size 15.7 grams per packet
  • Mocha flavor

Contains 5 packets each weighing 15.7 grams of Mocha flavored coffee powder enriched with MCT oil and grass-fed butter. MCT oil is what jumpstarts the production of Ketones that drive the body’s metabolism and stave off hunger. Keto Coffee Today has (1) NO artificial ingredients, (2) GMO Free, (3) Soy Free and is approved Keto diet friendly.

The STARTER PACK allows you to test the benefits of Keto Coffee with 5 packets recommended to be used as replacement of your breakfast for 5 consecutive days. This is highly recommended to go with a Keto diet plan as Ketones are only produced when carbohydrates intake is reduced.

The caffeine in Keto Coffee also allows you to be more alert and focused.

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Weight 15.7 g
Dimensions 5.08 × 8.89 × 13.97 in
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