The KETO COFFEE TODAY BASIC BUNDLE contains 15 packets with a serving size of 15.7 grams each. Get a half month supply of your Keto Coffee to start you off on a sustainable Keto diet.

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  • 15 pcs Keto Coffee Today packets
  • 15.7 grams serving size per packet
  • Mocha flavor

Contains 15 packets of, each weighing 15.7 grams, Mocha flavored coffee powder enriched with MCT oil and grass-fed butter. MCT Oil is what jumpstarts the production of Ketones that drives the body’s metabolism and stave off hunger. Keto Coffee Today has/is (1) NO artificial ingredients, (2) GMO Free, (3) Soy Free and is approved Keto diet friendly.

The KETO COFFEE TODAY BASIC BUNDLE allows you to check a half-month supply and see more significant benefit of Keto Coffee. Recommended to be used as replacement of your breakfast on alternate days. Highly recommended to go with a full Keto diet plan as Ketones are only produced when carbohydrates intake is reduced.

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